instrumental Nihilism

Evolution through reflection


You are even in my dreams.
Please, Let me forget you


The Golden age of neglect, seen through rose stained glasses. 

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Maybe today, you could put the past away

Auguste Abeliunaite at Women

Auguste Abeliunaite at Women

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A /// S

beige box, brown roof.

dreams of a falling tooth,

physical fog covering the root

young but no youth,

the aloof messiah

spent all his time just trying to get high-ya 


Mac DeMarco // Chamber of Reflection

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Can you tell?

today’s tomorrow,

 a possession of the inanimate,

that is inanimate.

 Eagle vision 

sonic sound

am I human

or a blood hound. 

I touch the ground 

just to check 

I lay there 

I die there 

born again through care 

born again as the air. 

What you lookin for? 

Why haven’t ya found it? 

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